Japan’s best-selling mascara is a godsend

Miaray mascara
Miaray mascara

We’ve long known that Japan is light years ahead of us in important realms like manufacturing reliable automobiles and novelty pet grooming. But there’s another key area where the Japanese have us beat: mascara. Forget Maybelline Great Lash and its ilk, with their need for special makeup remover and propensity to turn raccoonish, even when labeled waterproof. Fiberwig, the No. 1-selling mascara in Japan, just started making an upgraded formula in the US, and I’m a convert.

When I brushed it on with the curved applicator, I didn’t get clumpy lashes covered in black goo. Instead, the fiber formula layered cleanly on my lashes, thickening and elongating them dramatically. A lash-obsessed friend who drops a lot of cash on bimonthly extensions gazed at me with jealousy. When my eyes got watery at one point, it didn’t smudge. Even better, at the end of the night, I washed off my lashes with regular soap and water. Sayonara, Great Lash!

Miaray Fiberwig mascara: $18.99 at ulta.com.

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